CRO League Tool Downloads
CRO League Tool CRO_LeagueTools_v1035.exe
Mini Bangin’ Fun Series  
MBFS Mods CRO2016_MBFS_ModPack.exe
MBFS Track Pack CRO2016_MBFS_TrackPack.exe
MBFS Track Pack 2 (3/14/2017) CRO2017_MBFS_TrackPack2.exe
MBFS Track Pack 3 (3/28/2017) CROTrackPack-3-28-17.exe
CRO Street Stocks 2017  
Street Stocks Track Pack 1 (4/19/2017)
Lefty Gomez Raceway, Ocean Speedway & Sheyenne River
Street Stocks Ocean Speedway (6/18/2017) OceanSpeedwayDWDSS_6-18-17.exe
Street Stocks Track Pack 2 (7/11/2017) CROStreetStocks_TrackPack2.exe
CRO Tracks  
CRO Lefty Gomez Raceway
3/8 Mile Dirt Oval
CRO Spanaway Speedway
1/4 Mile Asphalt Oval & Figure 8
CRO Mods
CRO Mini Stocks v2.0
Front Wheel Drive 4-Cylinder Prelude, Acura, and Mustang
CRO Demolition Derby v2.0
V8 Wagon and Impala Derby Cars
CRO Lightning Trucks v2.0
4-Cylinder Chevy Off-Road Truck
CRO Outlaw Late Models v1.0
Older Style Wedge Dirt Late Models
CRO Skin Packs  
Street Stocks Skin Pack 6 (3/6/18) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack6_3-6-18.exe
Trucks – F*ck Cancer Skins (11/1/16) CROTrucks_FckCancerSkins.exe
Mini Stock Skin Pack (12/20/16) CROMiniStockSkinPack_122016.exe
UMP Modifieds (2017) Skin Pack 1 (3/6/18) CROModifieds_SkinPack1_3-6-18.exe
Crate Late Models (2015) Skin Pack 1 (4/16/18) CROKrankenwagen100_LateModelSkins.exe
IMCA Modifieds Skin Pack 1 (7/10/18) CROIMCAMods_SkinPack1_7-10-18.exe
iMods Skin Pack 1 (7/10/18) CROiMods_SkinPack1_7-10-18.exe
525 Late Model Skin Pack (10/1/18) CROLMSkinPack2-10-1-18.exe
525 Late Model Skin Pack (10/2/18) (not required) CROLMSkinPack2a-10-2-18.exe
2019 Mod Skin Pack (1/7/19) CRO2019_ModSkins1.exe
CRO Track Packs  
CRO Mods Track Pack 2018 CROModTrackPack2018.exe
CRO Templates  
CRO Mini Stocks Templates
CRO Derby Templates
CRO Lightning Trucks Templates
CRO Outlaw Late Model Templates
rFactor Lite rFactorSetup1255g_Lite.exe
rFactor Lite (for Windows 8 and above) rFactorSetup1255cTowindows8_Lite.exe
rFactor Sounds (Lite)
rFactor Full rFactorSetup1255g.exe

**Run series mod/track .exes as administrator by right clicking and selecting “Run As Administrator” in order to avoid permission errors