CRO League Tool Downloads
CRO League Tool CRO_LeagueTools_v1035.exe
Mini Bangin’ Fun Series  
MBFS Mods CRO2016_MBFS_ModPack.exe
MBFS Track Pack CRO2016_MBFS_TrackPack.exe
MBFS Track Pack 2 (3/14/2017) CRO2017_MBFS_TrackPack2.exe
MBFS Track Pack 3 (3/28/2017) CROTrackPack-3-28-17.exe
CRO Street Stocks 2017  
Street Stocks Track Pack 1 (4/19/2017)
Lefty Gomez Raceway, Ocean Speedway & Sheyenne River
Street Stocks Ocean Speedway (6/18/2017) OceanSpeedwayDWDSS_6-18-17.exe
Street Stocks Track Pack 2 (7/11/2017) CROStreetStocks_TrackPack2.exe
CRO Tracks  
CRO Lefty Gomez Raceway
3/8 Mile Dirt Oval
CRO Spanaway Speedway
1/4 Mile Asphalt Oval & Figure 8
CRO Mods
CRO Mini Stocks v2.0
Front Wheel Drive 4-Cylinder Prelude, Acura, and Mustang
CRO Demolition Derby v2.0
V8 Wagon and Impala Derby Cars
CRO Lightning Trucks v2.0
4-Cylinder Chevy Off-Road Truck
CRO Outlaw Late Models v1.0
Older Style Wedge Dirt Late Models
CRO Skin Packs  
Street Stocks Skin Pack (9/25/16) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack_9-25-16.exe
Street Stocks Skin Pack 2 (9/27/16) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack2_9-27-16.exe
Street Stocks Skin Pack 3 (4/25/17) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack3_4-25-17.exe
Street Stocks Skin Pack 4 (7/11/17) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack4_7-11-17.exe
Street Stocks Skin Pack 5 (10/3/17) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack5_10-3-17.exe
Street Stocks Skin Pack 6 (3/6/18) CROStreetStocks_SkinPack6_3-6-18.exe
Trucks – F*ck Cancer Skins (11/1/16) CROTrucks_FckCancerSkins.exe
Mini Stock Skin Pack (12/20/16) CROMiniStockSkinPack_122016.exe
Modifieds (2014) Skin Pack 1 (1/9/17) CROModifieds_SkinPack1_1-9-17.exe
Modifieds (2017) Skin Pack 1 (fixed) (3/6/18) CROModifieds_SkinPack1_3-6-18.exe
CRO Templates  
CRO Mini Stocks Templates
CRO Derby Templates
CRO Lightning Trucks Templates
CRO Outlaw Late Model Templates
rFactor Lite rFactorSetup1255g_Lite.exe
rFactor Lite (for Windows 8 and above) rFactorSetup1255cTowindows8_Lite.exe
rFactor Sounds (Lite)
rFactor Full rFactorSetup1255g.exe

**Run series mod/track .exes as administrator by right clicking and selecting “Run As Administrator” in order to avoid permission errors